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Geek Fun: Geeks versus Unicorns

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OK, contrary to the title ot this post, it is not actually a smackdown of geeks versus unicorns.  This post is actually about geeks versus lawyers FIGHTING ABOUT unicorns.  Yes, as preposterous as it sounds, this is about geeks and unicorns and lawyers.  Sounds like the start to a bad joke…

It started as a joke – specifically as an April Fools Day prank.  But leave it to lawyers to squash the fun.

There is trouble brewing between the geeks at and some legal eagles.   ThinkGeek is a great site full of off-beat products targeted at, you guessed it, geeks.  I’ve written about them on this blog, and I spend lotsa money with them.

On April Fools Day, ThinkGeek advertised a new product – unicorn meat.  This meat promised to be “an excellent source of sparkles”.  Supposedly dying unicorns were tended to in a hospice run by nuns and fed on candy corn and massaged with Guinness.  After death, they were turned into this delightful, spam-like product. 

But here’s where the trouble starts.  ThinkGeek also labeled this product as “The New White Meat”.  Call out the lawyers!  Sure enough, the National Pork Board sent an official trademark violation and cease and desist letter to ThinkGeek. 

Whew!  Thank goodness that those lawyers earned a lot of money to save us from trademark infringments and unicorn meat!

Check out the original unicorn meat ad and a copy of the legal cease and desist letter here.

On a side note, this story gave me an extra chuckle.  I happen to run another site focused on kid literature called (currently under revision).  This very rare, might I say magical,  intersection of geek news and unicorn news allows me to re-use a post.  Woo Hoo!  That is as rare as a lawyer with a sense of humor.

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