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Popularity of Geeks


When I was growing up, “geek” was an insult.  It brought to mind a gawky kid with braces and glasses who preferred A/V equipment and computers to people.  However, that perception has changed.  Geeks have become popular.  The world is starting to appreciate the fact that smart people can change the world – and sometimes even get rich doing so.  As I was planning this site in October 2009, I found two articles in two different airline magazines (business travel – yuck!) that both celebrated the rise of the geek. 

The October 2009 American Way magazine from American Airlines had an article titled “Geek Chic” by J. Rentilly.  It was about the success of geek and nerd movies and shows like “The Hangover” and “The Office”.   

Spirit magazine (October 2009) from Southwest Airlines dedicated two articles to the topic of geeks.  One titled “Geek God” focused on a profile of Rainn Wilson who plays Dwight on “The Office”.   Rainn is a proud geek who has graced the cover of Geek Monthly and been declared People magazine’s sexiest geek.  The second was about geeks designing new products and processes to help save the Earth.  One such geek is Michael Easton who is experimenting with wind power.

It is nice to see geeks come into their own!  I’m not proposing to change all of the great strengths that geeks bring to the table.  But by perfecting some other skills, you can become a stealth-geek with professional savvy and be successful on both fronts.

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