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New Year Resolutions

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It is that wonderful time when the year is just starting and everything seems possible.  Since 2009 was a rough year, 2010 is bound to be better.  Along with weight-loss goals and planning to be more organized, it is a good time to sit down and think about your career goals and work-related resolutions. 

What do you want to accomplish in 2010?  Do you want to go from good to great in your current job?  Do you want a promotion or a raise?  Do you want a new job with a new company?  Are you unemployed and searching for a job?

Spend some time thinking about this.  Set some realistic goals.  Write them down and share them with a spouse or significant other or friend.  Look at them every couple of weeks and write down what you’re doing to accomplish them.

 That will help you set your own career goals and direction.  But remember, to be successful at a leadership level, you also need to consider concerns beyond your personal success.  That can include contributing more to your company, supporting your co-workers or providing improved leadership to your direct reports.

Gayle Lantz wrote a guest post at Smart Blog on Workforce called “Replace Those Resolutions with Questions“.  She sets out a nice series of questions to consider for the new year.  They focus on strategy and leadership and making a difference.  Check it out!

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