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Geek Fun: Org Savvy Lego Humor

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On some Fridays, I’m gonna try some new things.  Words and writing come easily to me.  Pictures, illustrations and graphics don’t come so easily.  So I’m going to push myself out of my comfort zone and try to tell some of these stories via images. 

In previous posts, we’ve covered the Geek 5, the definition of organizational politics, and tactics for becoming more savvy

This first attempt at visual storytelling is inspired by creative use of Legos by Geekdad at Wired Magazine.

Geek with sword of knowledge

Geek with Sword of Knowledge


Evil guy wins small

Oh no! Evil co-worker defeats Geek


Geek with sword of knowledge and org savvy armor

Geek with Sword of Knowledge and Organizational Savvy Armor


Savvy geek wins!

Savvy Geek wins!

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