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Telling Reactions to Blog

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As I have admitted before, I am a geek myself.  For my undergraduate work I attended a university that was very strong in the science and engineering areas.  I studied the social sciences, but most of my friends were in the hardcore sciences and engineering.  A group of us have stayed close over the years – even though work and family has taken us all over the country.  We generally chat a few times a week via email on a wide range of topics – serious and not so serious.  In the past few weeks, we’ve covered topics from ethics in the Texas courts to barefoot running.

A few weeks ago I decided to use them as a test group for this blog – after all the were the target audience.  I got some telling reactions to the blog that actually confirm some of the points I have been trying to make.

When I directed the group to Geeks Gone Pro, there was a post up that mentioned the “corporate game“.  One person had a positive reaction and indicated that he would have loved to have had that kind of guidance earlier in his career.  He was someone who struggled to fit into the corporate world, but after a lot of pain, he found his groove.  With the right advice, he could have missed some of the pain and found his groove sooner.

Another friend had a strong visceral reaction to the whole concept of “playing a game”.  He said that he refused to play the political game.  He was quite adamant about it.  Looking at his career history, he did opt for smaller companies in which he had more flexibility and that allowed more individualistic behavior.  He did not want to work in a corporate environment and would not have been happy in one.  I believe that politics exist everywhere, so I think he underestimates that.  But as long as he is happy…

I got one other  interesting reaction to the blog.  It was actually an inadvertent networking opportunity.  One of my college friends was connected to a career coach who had done writing and work in a similar area.  He connected us through Linked In and I am very pleased to have the connection.  You never know who might have a connection for you – that is the magic of networking!

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