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Failing Forward

Advice from the Top

I wrote an earlier post about bad Kung Fu leadership.  This is another Kung Fu post – or more precisely – Tae Kwan Do.  The master at our school used a terrific phrase the other day.  He was working with some kids who were struggling to learn a new move.  They were getting frustrated and embarrassed when they got the move wrong.

The master said, “It is okay to fail as you learn as long as you fail forward”.

His point was about learning from your mistakes, moving forward and getting it right the next time.  Don’t get discouraged – keep on trying.  Mistakes are part of the process of continuous improvement as we work toward mastery of a skill.

We all have struggles with tasks and skills and experiences.  Don’t regret that mistakes happen.  Just make sure that you are always failing forward.

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Welcome to Geeks Gone Pro.  You’ve taken your first step to adding professional polish to your technical expertise.  I’m Geek Coach and I’ll be your guide on this journey.  This site came about as I recognized a need for professional development targeted at geeks.  I’m a business coach and I keep running in to a common theme.  I frequently work with very smart and talented technical folks who have hit a ceiling in their careers.  They want to advance but lack some of the professional savvy they need in order to move from a specialist role to a general management, executive or broader professional role. 

This site will help you figure out how to move to the next level in your career (or for some of you it will help smooth out issues in your current role).   I’m not going to help you with your technical development – you’ve aced that!  Instead, I’ll provide help and resources to make you a more effective professional who has both technical and soft skills.

This site is geared for:

  1. Smart, technical geeks
  2. Workers who have some experience but want to move to the next career level
  3. People with a learning orientation who are open to suggestions for improvement
  4. People who have “developmental opportunities” in terms of soft skills, leadership, political savvy and/ or professionalism.

 If some or all of these descriptions fit you, then you are in the right place.  You won’t find any overnight solutions or magic bullets here.  Professional development is a journey.  We’re getting ready to go, so buckle up and get ready for the ride.

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