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Supporting Geek Women

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As we enter this holiday weekend, I’m going to point you to some resources in support of geek women.

The first is a blog that I just found called Geek Feminism Blog.  Recent posts include topics like “Behaving like an honorary guy” and “IT careers for an older IT woman”.  The blog seems to focus on the challenges that women face in geek industries that are often largely male dominated.

I’m also going to point you to a great article over at  Written by Kelly Watson it is called “The Four Myths of Self-Promotion” and the tag line is “It’s time to toot your own horn”.  It talks about the myths and misperceptions that many women have about self-promotion.  Women shy away from self-promotion, because they are uncomfortable with it.  That can be detrimental to your career.  This article helps women get past the discomfort.

Although this article focuses on women, it is a good lesson for most geeks.  One of the Geek 5 risks is about the resistance many geeks have to taking on a broader leadership role.  Geeks in general are uncomfortable with self-promotion and touting their own strengths.  So this advice should apply to most geeks.

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