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Article: Using Fear to Control Employees

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Over at, Liz Ryan posted a great article called “Ten Signs of a Fear-based Workplace”.  Some of the scenarios she describes are, unfortunately, quite common.  They range from brown nosing being common to a focus on getting results regardless of how the results are achieved.  Even an overabundance of rules can mean that the company is fearful of employee actions and therefore tries to control everything.  My favorite sign is when the boss from The Office television show seems like a good guy compared to your own boss.

In today’s tough economy and job market, has civility and respect and professionalism disappeared from the workplace?

If you witness or experience any of the signs listed in her article, you are probably in a fear dominated company.

Some questions to consider:

  • Does this describe your workplace?
  • If you are a leader, how can you prevent these types of problems?
  • As an employee, how can you push back against fear tactics?
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