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Lessons in Leadership from China

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Over at, Shaun Rein blogs regularly on leadership topics – especially related to his work in China.  His commentary is often interesting and insightful.  China has a rapidly growing and changing business climate, and that change requires strong and effective leadership.  China provides an almost experimental space to study leadership in an accelerated fashion.  Rein’s recent article is called:  “What I Learned from a Chinese Billionaire”. 

Rein relates some leadership messages from a billionaire who worked himself out of poverty with no political connections.  It is interesting that the billionaire chooses to remain anonymous – out of fear of being persecuted.  China and capitalism and wealth accumulation have a tenuous tolerance right now.  Social and cultural norms have not kept pace with the business changes.

The first lesson from the Chinese billionaire is to believe in yourself – you are the only one who can stop you.  The second lesson was that sometimes you must respect everyone and sometimes eat humble pie to accomplish your goals.  His third lesson was about sharing wealth – both with business partners and family and strangers.

It is a great article – from a leadership perspective and from a social and cultural perspective.  This story shows us how good leadership can lead to success even in a closed country like China.  In the US, even in the poor economy, we have a lot of opportunity and few restrictions in our actions.   Imagine what we could accomplish if we set our minds to it!

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