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Geek Career Questions

Broader role, Geek 5

In recent posts, we discussed using career assessments to determine what career path or job works best for you.  There are some additional things to consider about what career direction to take and also how ambitious you want to be.  This relates to the Geek 5 issue of “resistance to a broader role“.   Think through these questions – they can help guide the direction of your professional development.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1. What career is well-suited to my interests?  The career assessments are a big help for this.

2.  Are you willing to make sacrifices to get ahead?  Can you truly commit to moving up the career ladder or would you rather stay where you are?

3.  Do you understand how careers generally progress in your field?  Do you have the right education, experience and credentials?

4.  Do you understand what it takes to get ahead in your company?  Career advancement often rests as much on relationships as it does on skills and results.

5.  Do you understand how to “brand” yourself and advocate for your own career?

6.  Are you willing to take career risks?

7.  When you think of a promotion, what interests you?  Is it only the additional money and status or are you truly interested in the work you would be doing?

8.  Would you consider a lateral move in order to gain more skills? 

9. Who do you know who can provide help, guidance, mentoring?

10.  What are your primary skills?  Do you have any additional skills that can help your career?

What other career questions do you wrestle with?

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