Geek Defined

For the purposes of this site, a geek is defined as someone with deep technical expertise who self-labels as a geek.  Right now, the analytical geeks are all thinking that this definition is too broad, non-specific and un-measurable.  And they are right.  But get used to it – part of your professional development is to learn to accept ambiguity.  This definition is intentionally broad.  “Geek” is more of a state of mind than a specific definition. 

The technical expertise part of the definition is often linked to IT and computer specialists.  However, it can also apply to engineers, scientists, doctors, lawyers, psychologists, accountants, statisticians, business analysts, merchants, architects, stock brokers and more.  The common factor here is that these folks have deep technical expertise in their areas.  In many cases, the focus on learning the technical knowledge took time and priority over learning more general professional skills.

Geeks are also self-declared and proud of it.  It is part of their identity and reflects their pride in their technical expertise.  Sometimes this pride can inhibit professional growth, but more about that later.

 In short, geeks:

  •  Have deep technical expertise
  • Label themselves as geeks
  • Are smart and productive
  • Come from a variety of technical and specialty professions
  • Can be of any age, gender, national origin, sexual orientation or physical status (it’s like EEOC approval for geeks!)

 BTW – I’m a geek too.  My deep technical expertise is in executive assessment, development and coaching.

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