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I’ve described some potential risk factors for under political (UP) people. If you are at risk for some of those, you need to focus on becoming more balanced and moving toward the center of the continuum. With balance, you can have a “power of the savvy” style and have impact with integrity.

To get there, you need to:

– Keep your values but add political skill
– Move from selfless to self-ful
– Add influence and impact to integrity

Please notice that these recommendations never suggest that you need to become a ruthless shark in order to succeed. You need to keep the core foundation of your work ethic and integrity. You should just add some additional skills to your repertoire.

Brandon and Seldman identify a series of savvy tactics:

– Map political styles

– Deactivate your political buttons

– Detect power dynamics, agendas, and unwritten rules

– Know the corporate buzz

– Weave a safety network

– Manage the airwaves

– Promote yourself with integrity

– Pump up your power image

– Address hidden agendas

– Defuse sabotage

 In the next post, we’ll delve into some of these – defusing sabotage and reading power dynamics.  For more details on the rest of these, check out the book.

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