Introverts as Leaders

Broader role, Geek 5

One of the Geek 5 development areas is “Broader Role”.   This sometimes plays out when a geek resists taking on a different role, because he or she is a strong introvert.  In the corporate world, extroverts tends to drive things.  Sometimes introverts feel like they have trouble getting their voices heard and sometimes they don’t even feel up to trying.  We’ll spend a lot of time talking about introversion and what you can do to change your introverted behaviors.  You may not be able to change your basic predisposition to introversion, but you can learn how to behave more like an extrovert. 

Not all geeks are introverts.  Later, we’ll talk about the Myers-Briggs and other assessments that can help you figure out where you fall.


For now, I want to point you to an interesting article at  Jennifer B. Kahnweiler wrote “Why Introverts Can Make the Best Leaders”.  She lists five characteristics of introverts that can help them be good leaders.  So if you are questioning whether or not you can be a leader, consider her five characteristics about introvert leaders:

1.  They think first, talk later.

2.  They focus on depth.

3.  They exude calm.

4.  They let their fingers do the talking (prefer writing to talking)

5.  They embrace solitude.

The article is short, but makes some interesting points about introverts as leaders.  It might also give you some examples of good leadership techniques that will play to your strengths.

Kahnweiler’s article is based on her book “The Introverted Leader: Building on Your Quiet Strength”.  I have not read the book yet, but I intend to check it out!

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